Favourite animators/production designers: Gekidan Inu Curry (劇団イヌカレー)

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this round, round cake…who could it be?

This is literally the most menacing scene in Rebellion. Everyone’s sitting around a table singing a song about who’s going to be devoured by Bebe and the witch is just sitting in the middle like, “Oh fuck it’s me isn’t it? I’m the round, round cake. Fuck my life.”

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I was just thinking today about how my blog is mostly Shaft and Gainax stuff and then this happened in today’s episode

Winter scenery - Mushishi

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BACk in like 4th grade when i would only draw anthro/people with animal ears and tails I drew my Mom as a Fuckgin CAt Lady and she was all “wow REally GOod!! (hangs it by the front door)” i drew my Mom as some FUrry bullshit i think ab0tou this like Everyday and i burn with embarrassment